P L A C I N G  A N  O R D E R  O N L I N E :
By placing an order here today, you will be purchasing meals for a TUESDAY pick-up or delivery from 3001 Millwood Avenue, Columbia SC 29205.
E A C H   M E A L   I S   A   S I N G L E   S E R V I N G :
Every meal is a single serving! Unless you are purchasing for your kiddos, then you could probably stretch it to two meals! 
M I N I M U M   M E A L S   R E Q U I R E D   P E R   O R D E R 
There is a THREE meal minimum required to purchase per order. This minimum can be reached by any combination of the meal or smoothie options available online. 
T U E S D A Y   P I C K - U P  &  D E L I V E R Y:
Pick-up time window: Tuesdays 5-7 pm from store (3001 Millwood Avenue). Delivery time window: Tuesdays 3-5pm. 
D E L I V E R Y   A R E A: 
Deliveries are only able to be made within Columbia, SC city limits -- if you have a question regarding delivery just give us a call  803-550-9421 or email tastyasfit@gmail.com 
D E L I V E R Y   O R D E R S: 
If you know will not be home during the delivery time-frame PLEASE leave out a chilled cooler for us to place your meals into, if not, we will take them back to the store. This is for your safety! 
W E E K L Y  O R D E R I N G  W I N D O W:
Orders will ONLY be accepted if they are placed on *Monday-Saturday* (therefore ordering will be closed every Sunday). This is so we have an accurate account of orders as we begin prep on Monday! 
D E L I V E R Y  F E E:
In selecting our delivery option there will be one additional $10 fee added to your final total at check-out. 

N E W   M E N U   E A C H   W E E K: 
A new menu is posted every week on Sunday evening! All meals are dairy + gluten free, unless otherwise specified in description!
F O O D   R E S T R I C T I O N S  /  A L L E R G I E S:  
All TAF food is gluten free and dairy free (unless otherwise specified) However, if you have any other restrictions or allergies PLEASE let us know before placing an order!