Morning/Evening Routines 

We like to get specific around here to help give an ideal picture for your morning and evening routine over the next five days, but that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect! Your routine will be slightly different based on your daily life, what time you wake up, when you are able to get movement in, what time you get home from work, etc. Have fun with these challenges and do your best!

Morning Routine

Wake up

During this reset change your alarm to something different than it has been, go for something peaceful.
    • After alarm, turn phone over and avoid scrolling or answering emails for at least 30 minutes. This is harder than you think, but #2 will help delay.

      Moment of Gratitude

      Whether its 10 seconds or 10 minutes, before your feet hit the floor, make space for a moment of gratitude, prayer or meditation…whether its positive affirmations you speak to yourself or a daily devotional you keep on your bedside table, take this time to set the tone for your day.

        • Prayer/ Meditation / Daily Reading 

          Here are some of our favorites:

          Christian Faith Based:

            • New Morning Mercies ( need link )
            • Jesus Calling ( need link)

            Meditation Apps:

            • Daily Stoic ( need link)

            Hydrate , Hydrate , Hydrate

            Water– first thing you put in your body should be an 8 oz glass of water ( if not juicing, add fresh squeezed lemon juice into your room temperature water , and a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt for optimal hydration

            Juice– post water - 1 organic celery stalk, ½ organic large cucumber, 1 whole small lemon or ½ large, pinch Himalayan sea salt, optional: ½ inch knob ginger – add in any vegetables and leafy greens of preference!

            • Try not to add in any fruit to your juices, we prefer to get the fiber when ingesting fruit, and not just the sugar.

            Organic Coffee

             ( Enjoy 30 minutes (+)  after water and/or juice)
            • Turn on your coffee maker on ( pro tip: prep it the night before )
            • Enjoy ONE cup black or with a dash of nut milk
            • Recommended Nut Milk Brand Elmhurst ( link ) – only two ingredients
            • Coconut Milk ( from a can )
            • Any homemade nut milk

              **Why Organic Coffee? Coffee beans are one of our most "sprayed" crops worldwide. Since it is something many of us consume every day, if you have the ability to purchase organic, it certainly would be a win – win! **

               **Why One Cup? We are so used to guzzling coffee throughout the day, often causing jitters, afternoon energy crashes, and dehydration amongst Americans. With the ONE cup rule, you savor and appreciate it, and work to come off any caffeine addiction. From there you might decide one day you don’t need it!

              Additional Morning Steps 



              Strive for at least 30 minutes each day—fit this in on your own timing! We always recommend morning if you can. This should be ENJOYABLE – see below for suggestions

              Skincare Routine

              If you don’t have a sunscreen in your morning skin routine, we love this one!

              • Be sure and hydrate all day long
              • The goal of this reset is to make water your # 1 beverage choice, not only throughout the morning but for the rest of the day and night

              Evening Routine 

              Cleaning Kitchen / Prep For Morning

              • Light your favorite candle or play music while you clean up for the night and prep for your early morning ahead.

              Chamomile Tea/ Ginger Lemon Tea/ Warm Lemon Water

              • Helps to soothe the mind, aid in digestion, and prep your body for a good night’s sleep, Have this at any point during your night routine. 

              Prep your coffee

              • Prep your coffee so that all you have to do is press start in the morning
              • If you have the ability to set an automatic timer, use it!

              Clean Your Veggies for Juice (optional – only if juicing )

              • Rinse and trim your celery, cucumber, etc
              • Our go – to morning juice for reference
              • 1 head celery, ½ large cucumber, 1 lemon, knob ginger…this is a great way to use up leftover veggies in your fridge!
              • Store all in a large bowl or container in your fridge so you can easily grab it in the morning.

              Make a List

              • If you are like us and juggle thoughts all day long, make a list of your first 6 things you need to accomplish in the morning, whether for work or personal life. This will help settle the mind and aid in a better night sleep! 6 things max will help you prioritize and help to not over-stimulate the mind.

              Lay out your Clothes or Workout Clothes for the morning

              • We like taking any thought out of our morning decision making! Laying out your clothes will help streamline your morning and save those sacred sleepy minutes to avoid changing a million times!

              Skin Care Routine

              • Take the time to enjoy your skin care routine. At night I have more time than I do in the morning to massage my oils and lotions into my skin and chest to help relax.

              Put the phone away!

              • At least 30 minutes before you shut your eyes, put your phone away ( I have to turn my over once my alarm is set so that I am not tempted)

              Read a Book to help wind down

              • We all claim we never have time to read, but we always find time to scroll. Once you climb in bed, pick up your favorite book, in no time your eyes will get heavy and you will be ready to fall asleep.

              Moment of Gratitude / Prayer

              • End the day just like you started, with a prayer or moment of gratitude. This will help soothe your mind and your thoughts – hopefully you find rest soon after!