Private Cooking Class

Looking for a fun girls night out? Have a birthday to celebrate? Trying to switch up your normal Supper Club night? A private group cooking class could be the perfect solution! We cater to your specific wants and needs to help ensure it is a night you (or your tastebuds) wont forget! We can’t wait to have you at our table!

 *Price Varies Upon Group Size*

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Public Cooking Classes

A few times a month we open up a cooking class to the public! We promote these via social media, email list, & on the website! Be on the lookout for a post and snag a spot as soon as you can – they go quick!  

*Price Varies Upon Menu*


One-on-One Services

Pantry Cleanout

This is one of my favorite ways to help in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.Together we will go through your entire pantry and fridge, or just portions that you are wanting to “clean” up. We will go over helpful guidelines and tools to help you navigate food buying as well as deciphering labels.

Whether you are looking for a drastic change or just want to take It one step at a time, I am here to help you work toward your goals! There is nothing like a fresh start.

In addition to the clean-out, we discuss all the brands I keep stocked in my pantry + snack and meal ideas that suit your family!

*Price- Varies Upon Individualized Services*


Grocery Store One-On-One

Does navigating a grocery serve as a source of anxiety? Do you want to start living a healthier lifestyle but don't know where to start? Do you wish someone could just show you where to look and what to get?

Well, you are in luck! This service typically requires only one session. We will meet at the grocery store you are most likely to frequent and walk through aisle by aisle. As we walk through I will show you pantry staples great to have on hand, where to find those "special" ingredients, we will take notes on brand names, aisle numbers, how to use these products, etc.  


This is a really fun way to gain confidence in your local grocery store!

 Price- $75


Cooking Private One-On-One

Looking to master a specific recipe, the challenges of vegan baking, a certain technique, or the meal prep process?

If so, this might be the perfect service for you! After a quick phone call or in-person meeting we will discuss everything you are looking to gain from the class and we will cover It all , together.

The lesson will be interactive and personalized for your needs!


*Price- Varies Upon Individualized Services*