Summer Reset Recipes

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Roasted Root Vegetables + Herb Cream Sauce 

We cannot get over this dish – it looks super impressive, tastes even more impressive, yet could not be easier. 

 Tasty As Fit Summer Reset Roasted Root Vegetables + Herb Cream Sauce

Thai Crunch Salad

Go ahead and save this one at the top of your “MUST MAKE” list, because I guarantee it will be a staple!

Thai Crunch Salad Summer Reset Recipe

Asparagus Bruschetta 

Fresh bruschetta marinated in a citrus dressing, laid over warm sautéed asparagus. Let me tell you ....its a match made in heaven! 

Summer Reset Bruschetta over Sauteed Asparagus

Lightened Up Alfredo 

The sauce you have all been waiting for! A TAF version of the ever classic, alfredo sauce. Oh yes, alfredo with all the all creamy flavor yet a minor twist.

Tasty As Fit Lightened Up Alfredo

Mexican Salad + Chickpea Taco Meat 

Introducing your new favorite, protein packed, nutrient packed, flavor packed, CHICKPEA TACO MEAT! Oh boy, this is some good stuff.

Summer Reset Chickpea Taco Salad

Blueberry Fig Breakfast Bars 

Honestly yall, these are loaded with nuts, seeds, gluten free oats, fresh fruit, and flax meal... making them the perfect quick grab-n-go bar, whether for breakfast, snacking, or dessert. 

Tasty As Fit Summer Reset Blueberry & Fig Bars

Zucchini Bread / Muffins

The only Zucchini Bread recipe you will ever need in your life. Right here, right now.


Tasty As Fit Summer Reset Zucchini Bread

Date Bites 

Making these and having a stash in your freezer will be the best thing you do for your cravings, your body, and your tastebuds!

Summer Reset Date Bites

Juice Recipe 

  • 1 head organic celery
  • 1/2 large organic cucumber
  • ginger knob 
  • 1 whole lemon 

Coffee Recipe 

Organic Coffee of Choice + 

  • Optional : Dash or frothed nut milk