We tend to live on auto-pilot, always on-the-go,  and totally desensitized to our food, meals, and our relationship to both. It’s not your fault, we live in a culture that applauds being “on” and connected 24 hours a day, and because of that, our awareness to our bodies, how we truly feel, and our digestion suffers.  Below are a few changes I will REALLY focus on over the next seven days to “reconnect” with my body and the food I am so blessed to be putting into it.  


  1. No Technology & Sit down- Before eating, put away phones, turn off the tv, shut your laptops. Re-shift your mind to the next task at hand….eating. If you can, take a moment to sit down (whether its alone or with someone). This will help you accomplish the next few steps. If you can’t sit its ok!! The next few tips will help center you!


  1. Give Thanks & Acknowledgement- Whether prayer is in your practice or just a moment of silence, take a few seconds to understand, appreciate, and acknowledge what you are about to eat. Take in all the aromas and flavors. We tend to scarf down our food without even realizing we have just finished our plate. Don’t let your mind race to all the millions of things you need to accomplish in the day, for the next 10-20 minutes, just enjoy the break from the day.


  1. Eat Slowly & CHEW – While chewing each bite, actually analyze what your food tastes like. When is the last time you actually thought about what flavors you were tasting? Try to chew for a minimum of 20 seconds, getting in a few breaths between each bite. Another tool that might help you slow down your pace is putting down your utensil between every few bites. Have you ever looked down at your plate, and thought, “where did all my food go?” This is all a goal to help avoid that. 


  1. Late Night Sweets/Snacking– There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little something sweet every day or night, until it becomes something that you HAVE to have and your mind is consumed with it. Sugar is a sneaky little thing and can be highly addictive. We tend to grab for a little dark chocolate, a little bite of banana bread, a scoop of ice cream without even thinking .. do I really want this? Or am I just on auto-pilot?

My goal for the next seven days will be to have a beautiful, filling plant-based dinner, and avoid reaching for something sweet. I will try to have a warm cayenne lemon water to kick any sweet cravings… it will be tough!!

Your goal might be to reach for something a little healthier after dinner than your normal processed sugar or super salty treat—like dark chocolate, my snickers date bites, or my chickpea brittle.  Remember, this campaign is all about being mindful NOT crazy restrictive—I want this to meet you where YOU are on this journey, not where I am or your best friend is. 

  1. Stay Hydrated- Our mind is easily tricked by dehydration, and those pangs are often confused for hunger. If you have already eaten a large meal and are still hungry, try to drink 8oz of water (minimum) and see if it subsides. This will help you realize if you are just reaching for food bc you are bored!
  1. Waiting – Before you go back for seconds try and WAIT 10-20 minutes. That will give your food time to digest and give you a true assessment as if you are still hungry. If you are, you better get up for seconds… If you aren’t, then you know you ate enough!

Currently your food/body relationship might be a frustrating one, sad one, scary one, or even devastating one. These are all tips to help change or grow your relationship with food, your body, and your mind..  

Join me to help change that into the most loving relationship possible! 

Below are a few other tips I will be trying to accomplish every morning and night on this campaign! They have nothing to do with food but everything to do with more self love!  

  • Not reaching for my phone for atleast THIRTY minutes upon waking up and before going to bed
  • Reading my daily devotional first thing every morning
  • Jotting down what I am grateful for and also what worries I may have that day ( this can take 2 minutes or can take 30, up to you! ) 
  • Stretching 10ish minutes every night before bed – if you would like to see my routine for some inspo I am happy to post! 

I hope this campaign serves you in the same way It has for me!