The Perfect Matcha Latte

The Perfect Matcha Latte

A matcha made in heaven... me and my matcha latte that is. 

I started sipping on matcha when It came onto the wellness scene a few years ago. Yall know I love me some coffee, but sometimes I want something a little easier on the stomach and the jitters-- not to mention, matcha brings an antioxidant punch that coffee does not touch.

If you are someone who likes an afternoon caffeine boost or struggles with coffee crashes, try a great quality matcha, and then do it up as you would your morning cup of coffee. 

Try this recipe below and see what you think! 


Milk Frother

Large Mug 

Bamboo whisk ( or anything to whisk or blend the matcha powder) 

Bowl to whisk powder in



1 tsp matcha powder ( the ceremonial grade by Encha is my favorite go-to)

2/3 cup hot water ( brought to a boil and then slightly cooled ) 

1/2 cup nut milk, frothed 

1 tsp maple syrup or honey ( plus more to taste) 

Traditional Way

Add your matcha powder to a bowl-- for best results sift your matcha powder into the bowl with a small mesh strainer!

Pour your hot water over the water. Use your bamboo whisk to whisk slow in circles to gather any powder on the edges of the bowl. Then vigorously whisk straight up and down and then in a zig zag motion until your matcha is slightly foamy and no clumps remain. 

Pour your matcha into a mug. Add in your frothed milk and sweetener of choice. Stir well and sip away! 

Keep Things Quick

Add your matcha powder and water into a blender. Blend on high until slightly frothy. Add in your frothed milk and sweetener, pulse a few times. Add into a mug and enjoy!